PAS provides all the tools necessary for Portable Video EEG!

Your patients will be delighted at the comfort and speed at which you will be able to prescribe and follow up with them.

As an extension of your practice, hospital, or facility - PAS will bring the latest in Portable Video EEG to you! There is no longer a need to refer patients to unfamiliar surroundings with possible lengthy waits. At a fraction of the cost to our Patients and the Healthcare system, we can fulfill all the requirements for Portable Video EEG right in the comfort of the patient's own home.

PAS provides Quality Reporting utilizing the most current technology with time lock video.

PAS utilizes feedback from leading Neurologists to deploy reporting techniques that will enhance the experience of reviewing and optimize your time.

PAS employs multiple EEG technicians with twenty years of extensive experience in EEG scoring from the most prestigious Neurology institutions in the world.

PAS R.EEGT staff will provide the full body of work complete with bookmarks that summarize the major clinical study events. Additionally, a technician's impression detailing these events along with screen shots supporting the technician's findings, and comments will be made available as part of each study.

PAS will conduct all insurance verification and authorization for your patients. Simply fax in the prescription/order to the number provided by our Clinical Consultant and we will take care of scheduling, conducting the study, and reporting the results back! We will also make certain your billing associate completely understands the process for a clean first time claim acceptance.

PAS offers Routine/Resting EEG services as well.

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Physicians Ancillary Services Holter Monitoring

Minimize investment while maximizing reimbursement. PAS provides everything needed on a continuing basis under a low cost rental program for the monitor units.

The Physicians Ancillary Services Clarus Holter monitor is a battery operated ambulatory 3-channel digital Holter ECG data recorder. A dedicated USB cable is used to download the data which is then sent to our portal for analysis.

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